Modi and the New World Order Prophecies

Very few people are aware of fact that there has always been a strong New World Order in India. Of those, few who are aware of it, still fewer know what it stands for and what its ultimate goals are.  It has existed much before the India’s independence, at the time of independence; the roots were stronger than ever before.

Independence for the NWO was only a change of guard, a new one replacing the old. The policies for governing India were the same, divide and rule, caste versus caste, religion versus religion, region versus region and language versus language. Dubious dynasties and one-person parties, ruling a large part of India like the warlords of the past are a gift of the NWO to the people of India.

The greatest goal of the NWO is to destroy Hinduism. This goal, about which, I wrote some years back, was on its final stretch, until recently. The secular NGO’s, Civil Rights Activists, the crusading Lawyer , the investigative Media-Person who exposes, are all part of the big scheme of the NWO to destroy Hinduism. The carpet-bombing of the past few years on secularism, show the amount of effort gone into it.

With an outsider like Narendra Modi, coming to power, the NWO, has not given up, it is only regrouping.  The NWO must be given credit for identifying Modi as its number one enemy. They have tried every trick in the book to destroy Modi, but failed. In the near future, one will see more concentrated attacks on Modi, by the secularists.

This site studies and interprets various prophecies, including the Nostradamus Prophecies, the NWO, is not going to succeed. True, they have to an extent succeeded in making the words Hindu and Hinduism sound like bad words, but they still a long way to go.  Hinduism as no beginning and what has no beginning has no end.

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  1. This is a subject that requires a lot of conscious awareness throughout the nation as well as throughout the world. Hindus who migrate outside their community, cultural, religious and national boundaries often contribute to the breakdown of Sanatan Dharma and help the NWO in their ignorant agendas.
    Many migrant Hindus seem caught between either practicing it privately and quietly or practicing a watered-down version of Hinduism while also taking on aspects of the value systems that prevail predominantly where they have moved to or completely accepting the new value system as their own henceforth and completely abandoning Hinduism while either never acknowledging it in their day-two-day lives, feigning complete ignorance about it or condemning it openly.
    Also, a sense of healthy pride seems missing amongst many Hindus. I don't mean arrogance, just healthy pride. Without a healthy sense of pride in our Vedic, Dharmic roots, we can't grow and evolve on our own paths. We will simply be running blindly away from something exquisite - Hinduism - because we don't know it, don't understand it, or worse, we misunderstand it, and instead blindly run towards something that others seem to be doing in large numbers, so we do it to feel safe in the comfort of a group.
    As a lifelong migrant, I have learnt a very important lesson. Safety is important for each of us, yes, but seeking it in the comfort of a group, where everyone else in the group is also seeking safety, makes no sense. I've been alone most of my life and the only force that got me through life is the Divine force. When I'm attuned to that, I've always been safe. Because of my gratitude to the Divine for keeping me safe in life, no matter where I go I can't bring myself to hide my Hindu identity. I don't boast about it, but I don't hide it. There was a period during which I felt as though I had to hide my spiritual side and to be honest, that was absolutely the worst period of my life even though I've been through physically much worse scenarios.
    A true Hindu has the Divine intertwined in every aspect of their lives. It's hard to do that while trying to hide your Hindu identity.
    I hope Hindus everywhere feel truly honored in being born as one and I wish Hindus everywhere the strength to be proud of being Hindu and not allowing anyone else's judgment to affect their Hindu identity, honor, dignity, pride and self-respect.

  2. These are testing times for the Hindu religion. There has been in the past an unprecedented effort to make Hindus feels defensive and apologetic. The NGO's and Media are only the minons of those who want to finish off Hindus.

  3. Hinduism as understood by so called intellectuals and as defined by them ,perhaps they do not understand about themselves. Hinduism is a process of life within or without the human body and will continue to exist as long as human being lives on earth.

  4. Rightly spoken the NGO's are working to create problems in India. 22 of them were campaigning for Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party in Varanasi, where did there funds come from, who paid for them.


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