Either you are for Modi or against him

A defining period in the history of India is looming on the horizon. The current events unfolding everyday in India; firmly in the clutches of corruption, looting and the sword of criminals, dangling over the heads of the common man can hardly be ignored. This site has over the years closely watched these developments as they are certain to engulf the whole nation and spread over to other parts of the world; for over 1.2 Billion of humanity lives here.

The entire politics of the country can be summed up in one line “You are either for Narendra Modi or against him”. There does not seem to be any middle path. This can be interpreted by some as “Either you are a Hindu or not”; remember Modi is the Hindutva Icon.

This sounds almost like the infamous and much misused American threat “Either you are for us or against us”. A broad cross section of Indian society, ranging from the Congress to the JUD to the Communists to some Social workers, all united on this front. Not to forget top leaders from Modi’s own party at the forefront; under cover.

Now what is it that they fear? What do they see in Modi? Why they all are united against him? Simple answer, here is someone who will go against the existing norms, will defy the system and the unwritten protocol of the system of governance. Hindu and Hindutva, it seems has nothing to do with it nor do the 2002 Gujarat riots. It’s just that they do not want someone from amongst themselves to rock the boat of what we know as; governance .

This is the agenda of thing to come; who will succeed is not clear. One thing is clear, Modi has become larger than the BJB, and he does not need it. India is desperate for change, will Modi be that change? With everyone else helpless, scared or deeply aligned with those who rule India there appears to be no future for the common man other than to ally with Modi.

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