Did Nostradamus Predict Narendra Modi

This prophecy made by Nostradamus is indicative of the manifestation of a new Avatar; could it be referring to the Kalki Avatar or as earlier pointed out refer to the origin of the third antichrist.

A reader wrote to me saying that this prophecy refers to the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi as Modi is the only leader in India who is speaking through deeds and not mere words.

“He will be known by a barbaric name which the three sisters have received from destiny.He will show the great people in words and deeds.
More than anyone else will have fame and renown”

The barbaric name is understandable, Narendra; means the greatest man, lord of all people, great one etc. The three sisters; the aquatic bodies, also referred as the three water signs of the Indian and Arabian Oceans and The Bay of Bengal.

It is time alone which will tell if Narendra Modi is the man predicted by Nostradamus; a couple of years from now, at the most. If Modi comes to power; there is no doubt he changes the destiny of India. The present moment of time is a make or break period for India; if no drastic changes occur; rest assured its “break time”.

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  1. this is laughable.Naredra modi??It says kalki will come from south ..so its not naredra modi

  2. I don't agree to you, i beleive surely Mr. Modi will change the world.

  3. kaliki will come from south is misnomer...kalki will come from India..there is nothing like south etc in vishnu puran etc

  4. barbaric name may be (maut ka saudagar) three sisters may mean sonia, mayawati, mamta.

  5. Hahaha Komedy peace,Barabarik meen cruel....did "Narendra"a barbarik name?dont write foolish things.If u want to know Real things wat ND told about Modi please chek this.http://namoinpropheciesofnostradamus.blogspot.in/2014/02/narendra-modi-in-prophecies-of.html

  6. The man who can single handedly(literally) challenge world powers and destroy them cannot be a Homo Sapien!
    It is said that Kalki will be from Shamballa ...Agartha..

    Please read this and the other articles therein, it might shed some light on Kalki Bhagwan..


  7. No doubt Namo the charismatic dynamic witty Indian PM will place India in the developed countries category. Bravo Namo Love you and your India.----Krupa Mahajan Aurora Colorado

  8. This quatrain refers to the Anti- Christ who appears on the world stage somewhere in the 2030's. It does not refer to Narendra Modi. As for some people who say he is a King....I would tell them that he is the Prime Minister. Mr. Paul Goldin- a hypnotist made a prediction in India in the 1970's...that the highest office in India would be headed by an eminent Indian whose name would begin with the English alphabet "A" and that under his eminent guidance India would become a superpower. One thought it referred to Abdul Kalam. There is another point to be made here. The late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi wanted to create a group of 40,000 Yogic flyers for India. When a group of 3,500 Yogic Flyers ( square root of 1 % of the India's population do their yagnas and Yogic flying it generates what is known as the "Maharishi Effect") characterized by a drop in crime and violence and increase in growth rate. Since 2012 it was about 2,000 flyers...it increased to 3,500 flyers in 2016. Once it reaches 9,000 India will become a superpower. Bejan Daruwalla reckons that India will become a superpower in 2017-2018. He also predicted that there will be world peace from 2017-2022.

  9. It is Barack Obama who is Bari Shabazz and BTW President X uses that Social Security # BarBARIan BARbaric. Since I have never even heard of the guy y'all are talking about I think Barack Obama is definitely more well known


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