Gorakhnath Mantra for not getting tired

A rare gem from Navnath Mantra Vidya is given here; this mantra gives an insight in to the traditions prevalent in the early middle ages in India. The most common mode of travel, for the commoner was walking and they walked and walked, till they reached their destination; and their destination could be hundreds of miles away.

The mantra given here is one for not tiring while walking. This Mantra like many, during those times, invokes Guru Gorakhnath; who composed mantras for the commoners, in their spoken script, avoiding Sanskrit which was known only to the elite.

The Siddhi is gained by chanting the Mantra11,000 times.. Once mastery was gained, the mantra was put into practice by heating Mustard Oil on a low flame. Then this oil was applied on the scalp, some put into the nose, ears and all over the body.

This practice ensured that the Sadhak did not get tired while undertaking a long journey on foot.

Indian Gorakhnath Voodoo Spell for not getting tired
Gorakhnath Mantra for not getting tired

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