Mantra to suppress an enemy

Given here in this post is a simple Mantra Sadhana to suppress and subdue an enemy. This Mantra is also known as a Shatru Daman Mantra.

This Sadhana does not need Siddhi. The Sadhak has to take some very small stones [fine gravel] hold them in the right hand and then bind the gravel by chanting the mantra 108 times.

Then he has to without being noticed secretly throw the infused gravel on the body of the enemy whom he wishes to suppress. This Sadhana is said to completely remove any trouble from that particular enemy.

Indian Mantra Chant to suppress an enemy
Mantra to suppress an enemy

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  1. wow Neel sir you are just fantastic.Thanx for posting such great mantras.thn again.but can u give me mantra for vashikarn a girl by throwing something on her.please let me tell if any mantra available

    1. On this site itself he Neel Sir has mentioned a vashikaran mantra using water which should be sprinkled on a woman after infusing it wit a mantra 120 times. U may wish to check it out.

  2. Dear sir:
    This Sadhana does need Siddhi? Or does NOT need siddhi? Please kindly correct it if there's a mistake.

    1. Thanks for pointing out. The Mantra does not need Siddhi.

  3. How to do voodo Doll satru daman kriya with strong mantra ? Plz suggest me

  4. Can this mantra be used if the enemy lives far by throwing the gravel to a picture or another mantra should be use for this?

    1. The Mantra Infused Gravel has to be physically thrown on the body of the enemy as mentioned in the article and not on his photo.

  5. will it be ok that enemy has worn shirt and we threw gravel on it?I mean whether it is necessary to touch the gravel on his/her body?
    thanking you,

    1. The gravel should be thrown on the body of the enemy as mentioned in the article, his shirt will not suffice.

    2. Can the 'gravel' be a handful of coarsely ground rock salt?

    3. The gravel should be gravel, that is tiny stones or pebbles.

    4. Sir please give me any mantra to suppress enemy. I can only throw thing in front of their house ?


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