Mantra for fear of Poisonous Creatures

If you are staying in a place infested with scorpions, snakes, spiders and other poisonous creatures or have a phobia or fear of any of these creatures biting or stinging you then; here is a mantra to remove the fear and dread of such poisonous creatures. This is a Shabar Health Mantra, for that very purpose. The chanting of this mantra ensures freedom from any kind of fear or dread of poisonous creatures.

The mantra needs to be chanted 11 times early in the morning after having a bath and completing the daily chores. The mantra has to be chanted in a standing position only.

There is another way of removing scorpions from your home and it is not connected to the mantra given above; it is an Indian paranormal remedy. To practice this remedy you have to kill a scorpion and burn it inside your home; this makes the other scorpions leave your house.

Hindu Mantra for removal of fear of Poisonous Creatures
Mantra for fear of Poisonous Creatures

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