Brainier Humans of the Future

As new genetically ever better improved moderns matured, they much liked increased benefits from having good genetic improvements beyond earlier moderns. Several then happily joined for good advanced human genetics R&D (research & developments), hoping to explore possibilities for having improvements developed in special new ways which could be infected into earlier moderns. (Past viruses had long been able to infect some genetics into our adults, altering or adding some cell changes helping the viruses spread wider.)

Many new moderns had ample free time to happily work together on this, thanks to being robotically so well served up in the high orbiting settlements. They eagerly very much wanted all past moderns to become able to keep gaining new devised improvements, such as totally halting aging, then even getting past aging in early moderns reduced back to most healthy mid-twenties. Also they wanted to let all earlier moderns gain recent improvements for richer wider sensitivity from good caressing, massaging, and fondling, to let their daily living gain more better richer pleasure sharing times with fond partners. Then modern living would become happier for all off Earth.

As might be expected, ways were gradually found and well developed, then even improved extra, becoming better able to nicely resume and expand some past maturing developments in moderns, including for better more richly enjoyed sexy playing. (Why not? Much better to let good now perfectly healthy ageless living become extra well enjoyed!) Selected special sexy places could be nicely expanded by carefully getting some developmental genes for maturing temporarily reactivated in adults. Then resulting expanding clitorises or penes, or bigger improving breasts, could have their surfaces become more richly filled with extra nicely good extra sensitive touch sensors. Ways were found to have brain responses to this improved and expanded within earlier past simpler moderns.

Other recent modern brain advances had gotten developed and improved, which could be infected into any older moderns. So they gradually became creatively brainier, nicely useful as desired for achieving extra good technology advances. Living thus kept getting made better and nicer for all moderns safely off Earth.

Older moderns infected with such improvements enjoyed becoming nicely modified able to enjoy happier daily living and playing with fond partners and/or with best friends, to then live ageless in great health for countless centuries, now completely saved to avoid ever aging to death, with all past human diseases fully blocked. They were most happy to not get left behind by newer ever more improved moderns. This helped all moderns off Earth keep advancing as a very happily well unified ever better advancing human branch, beyond any genetically limited mere natural simpler humans.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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