The only way to find peace of mind

The sheer depth and vision of the ancient Indian Sages can be judged by this verse from the ancient scripture, The Svetasvatara Upanishad. The thinker who wrote this verse foresaw, with his divine vision that even the greatest advancements in science could not make man happy and contented. This thinker had seen what was to come; he had a vision about the modern space age; a deeply spiritual prophetic vision on the only way to find peace of mind.

“Yada Carmavad akasam
vestayisyanti manavah;
Tada devam avijnaya
duhkhasyanto bhavisyati”

Even though men will roll up into space like a piece of leather, still there will be no end of sorrow for them without the discovery of the radiance within.

This message which this ancient Indian wise man wishes to convey is that science and the advancement in science is not the solution to your problems. The only way to resolve problems and find peace is the discovery of the God within.

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