Physical Stimulators of the Future

New planned modern males up in the high settlements were even nicely given recently found ways able to have them, as they matured, enjoy becoming superior good fond sensual physical simulators. Even skillful special developed fond hand caressing over special sensitive good places could happily give well enjoyed good pleasure rewards to their new beloved mates.

As might be expected, most such new improved male moderns were also genetically made to mature extra attractive. And they had been nicely made to also mature with usefully good big and extra nice stimulating body parts. New males had even been recently given subsurface fine little muscle fibers there which could add quick light nicely enjoyed stimulating subsurface vibration patterns.

Moderns up in the high orbiting settlements didn't need to produce anywhere near as many children as ordinary mortal Earth humans who had long suffered several contagious diseases, plus aging to death before too many decades. So modern mothers up here extra enjoyed fondly raising each (much less frequent) new child. They became very contented with the new widely agreed plan to start producing a greater fraction of modern selected children to be nice males.

any of these new male moderns became so fondly lovingly raised that they then developed becoming quite fondly loved by their good devoted moms. In fact some even grew up to nicely become quite fond happy mates with their moms. Unlike natural human sons, moderns had no genetic reason to avoid such matings, & likewise for matings up here enjoyed between some new matured siblings.

Such improved nicely beloved new modern males up here much enjoyed maturing able to often richly reward female friends and their most special beloved happy mates with ample good rich sensual pleasures. This became far better for females than the dismal lives of some in the past down on Earth, hoping first down there to somehow manage to survive. They came to truly love enjoying frequent shared pleasure times with such new well designed and nicely raised very devotedly nice pleasure giving modern males. (This became far better for well enjoyed physical pleasures for moderns than maybe merely having robots trying to do requested special things for them with only vibrators!)

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