Orbiting settlements will help Earth

As numbers of moderns kept successfully increasing in the high settlements orbiting Earth, (by now having good surviving growing populations safely up away from threatening foes down there), they no longer had to spend significant time during their lives up here to try to do as much as had been needed in the past to have kept obscuring their ever more improved health (plus reduced aging), and other genetic differences from ordinary natural humans.

And unlike slaving away down on Earth, up here moderns had ample free time, thanks to lots of robotic services, (such as for producing and distributing food and manufactured products, plus taking care of many home services). That all cost the settlers little beyond devoting some time to take care of several assigned subtasks, often mental, sometimes creative, sometimes interesting.

Thus, no longer frequently burdened with past protective needs (to try keeping their genetic advances secret from some deadly foes on Earth), moderns now up here were nicely not getting provoked into having fear and anger possibly raised in them, (which had made some wish they could make some deadly conservative foes pay for too many unrelenting murders very hatefully trying to eliminate all moderns). Being thus quite safe up in the high orbiting settlements, while having very easy happy living up here, some moderns up off Earth, having lots of free time, even began considering if there might be a few nice inventive things they could do which would be good for many average folks in the general populations down on Earth.

An early considered possibility was to devise, then start having robotically cheaply manufactured, some completely new products good for folks down on Earth, things carefully kindly not greatly competitive with current human manufactured products. Starting robotic constructions sets could be given slower than settlements orbit speeds, to slowly drop enough for special attached parachutes to then slow their falls to reach wanted Earth places.

To produce such new products down there, some more liberal thinking approved young adults down there, hoping to later move up into the high orbiting settlements, were happy to work to get advanced robotic equipment assembled as they were instructed, to help get all which was needed working well. Adequate new homes were robotically made there early for them, and then even nicely robotically served some. (Then later they'd appreciatively be easily approved to move up into the high orbiting settlements.)

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