Mantra for divine and secret knowledge

A mantra for the acquisition of divine and secret knowledge is what I am giving here. This mantra is to be practiced for Satvik [pure] purposes only; those having malefic intentions in mind stay away as it might rebound on you. There is a specific Yakshini; called the Vidya Yakshini who is said to be the guardian of the Vedas and other divine and secret knowledge.

It is this mystical entity the Sadhak tries to invoke to accumulate this unknown and well guarded knowledge; the existence of this Yakshini is not known by most people. However as stated above; a Satvik path is what I recommend.

Though number of chants is not prescribed; yet the number I would suggest is 108 chants daily.

Hindu Mantra Chant for getting divine and secret knowledge
 Mantra for divine and secret knowledge

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  1. There are total 36 yaksini created by lord shiva.
    I have never listen about vidya yaksini.
    It vidya yasksini exist, will it have any adverse effect on me and my family.

    How long will it take to attain siddhi.

    1. Why should it have an effect on you and why are you scared. It is a Meditation Mantra as the post says and Siddhi is long term

  2. how long will it take ...
    from last 5 month without fail i use to chant mantra 108 time in the morning.

  3. It is not that easy to attain Siddhi ... Before doing you must become pious and need to have blessings of Guru, then only your Sadhana is completed. You just read and enjoy ...If you read for ages also you wont attain Siddhi ... first try to won the battle with five Indriyas or enemies in you...Then think of mantra or Tantra ... Good day

  4. my age is 39 having family,business and financial problems no success only failure on all attempts please advise me for which mantra i should practice please adivse


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