Husband - Wife Attraction Charm

Help and advise on resolving husband – wife problems is what I get the most requests for; as I can’t reply to such mail for obvious reasons, I try to give as many options as possible to the readers; this remedy given in this post is a simple one to practice; however if you wish you can also check the other options given on this site.

This charm and the Attraction Mantra is said to act as a healing spell, it can also be practiced by lovers who are not married. This charm is to be drawn of a white piece of paper with green ink and always kept in the wallet or the purse.

The Vashikaran mantra which is given below the charm; I had already posted this mantra a long time back; however this is a different kind of attraction experiment using the same mantra. If the husband is chanting it he must add the wife’s name before the mantra; and if the wife is chanting it she has to add the husbands name. This chanting should be done 7 times upon getting up in the morning and 7 times while going to bed at night.

Ancient Hindu Occult Husband - Wife Attraction Charm
Husband - Wife Attraction Charm

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  1. Do we have to write the mantra along with the charm or we just have to chant daily as shown above?

  2. Thank you Neel N.
    I will do this rmedy.I have a very huge problem about my husband.He always and always cheated me.He easily got to atract women(young compare to our age)

    1. Yes my problem is also same.cheating husband it's very heart breaking

    2. Yes same problem here.cheating husband is really heart breaking

  3. Neelji how many days and nights do we chant this manrta for?...Do we draw the yantra keep it in walet then start the chanting or the yantra has nothng to do with the mantra?

  4. Does the person's name goes before om or after om??? " SANDRA OM CHIMICHIMI SWAHA" OR "OM SANDRA CHIMICHIMI SWAHA"???

  5. for how many days we have 2 continue chanting the mantra??
    & name should be added before 'OM' or after 'OM'

  6. Do we have to draw the yantra??


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