Ganesh Mantra for Parents of Students

This is a special Ganesh Mantra for the parents of a student who is not doing well in his studies or one whose mind is straying and becoming uninterested in studying or one who is not coping with his studies and finding it a burden. Any one of the parents of boy or girl students can perform this Sadhana.

This Mantra Sadhana can also be applied to a wayward offspring who has taken to wrong ways and has become a bother and source of concern to the parents.

Every Wednesday the parent has to sit before an idol or photo of Ganesha, face the east and say a small prayer to Ganesha, asking him to bless his or her child with the desired success in studies or any other problem and then chant this mantra 108 times. While chanting each mantra the parent has to offer a blade of Durva [Cynodon dactylon] to Ganesha; Durva is a kind of grass, extremely dear to Ganesha and is also known as sacred grass.

Later on this Durva must be immersed in flowing water.

Ganesh Mantra for Parents of Students for welfare of the child
Ganesh Mantra for Parents of Students

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  1. I am not able to find Durva blade. What can I do instead

  2. Dear Sir after completing the tantra .what should i do with the Durva and flower water ?
    thank You very much you SAVE a lot of parent from headaches.

    1. As, mentioned the Durva is to be immersed in flowing water.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Please let me know if the Durva grass can be immersed in pond or lake? Because in our city there is no river (flowing water).

    1. You can alway immerse it in a canal or even if that is not possible then immerse it in a lake or pond.

  4. Kindly let me know what can be used instead of this grass as we do not get it in the place we live ... Thank you

  5. Sir, There is no source of flowing water like a lake, canal or pond near our house. Is it possible to immerse the grass under a tree along with some water.

  6. PLEASE TELL ME IT IS gam or gan


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