Future of India in 2013

This site has been keeping a close watch on the future of the World; especially India, for the past few years. .This article is on what most Indian should watch out for in the year 2013.

The Sensex and the Indian Stock Market are booming, the economy is becoming and the future is looking rosier, day by day; so where does that leave the common Indian. By the common Indian I men the salary earners and the small businessmen; I have excluded the largest chunk of the population; those who do not know what is a Stock Market or an Economy.

The Aadhar Card has become mandatory for getting subsidized Gas Connections and is to be linked to your bank account. Slowly and innocently at first, this card will be mandatory for all your transactions; everything you purchase, all your financial transactions will be available at the click of a button

What you surf over the internet, who you speak to on your mobile can also be monitored by another click of a button; courtesy the Aadhar Card; the tool to spy on you.

‘Every Drop in the Ocean Counts” the Indian Government will force you to pay through direct and indirect means all your taxes and duties. This will swell the coffers of the Treasury; and boast the economy of India [themselves and the large Corporates]. The Aadhar Card is that tool to loot you.

The private corporations who not only control; but cheat and defraud you; those who control your communications, banking, insurance, electricity and gas are allowed to do so with impunity and with no fear whatsoever of the legal system. They are now one step way from gaining control over retail trade; they will now control the prices.

The News Channels you admire so much, those who conduct sting operations and exposes everyday; suddenly keep quite and blackout the massive frauds by the huge corporate houses; the latest New Delhi Electricity Fraud; exposed by Arvind Kejriwal is an eye opener. There are tapes and recordings of their wrong doings available; the Radia Tapes exposes were a warning to these people.

The Law enforcement officials who you look up to, function as enslaved minions and servants of the politicians and corporates. These are just the tools; do not expect them to do anything; the honest ones have been rendered impotent.

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