Mantra to remove worms from wounds

This is mantra to remove worms from wounds worms from wounds. It is a fact that sometimes wounds lead to infections of various types and germs and bacteria and also worms; especially maggots infect the wound. This causes pain, discomfort and tension to the poor sufferer. Ancient Indians had an antidote in the form of special Navnath Mantras to remove the worms and infections from wounds. Wounds were more common in the Middle Ages due to sword fights; as swords, spears and knives were the main weapons in those times.

The Siddhi is obtained when you remember the mantra by heart, for this you have to choose an auspicious day and begin the chanting. Before the chanting pray to Guru Gorakhnath, as this Shabar Mantra invokes him.

Then to heal yourself or a patient, do an Utara [rotating the hand clockwise from head to toe in front of the body of someone] and chant this healing mantra; do this 31 times in all. This Tantra is said to remove the worms and infections from wounds.

This Sadhana can also be applied to treat pets and other domestic animals.

Hindu healing Mantra to remove wounds and parasites, which have infected wounds
Mantra to remove worms from wounds

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