What can be achieved through Vashikaran

In the history of mankind there have been a lot of persons born with the blessings of the God of attraction; The Vashikaran Deva. These people with their commanding and hypnotic voices captivated the minds and imagination of the masses. Their voice was their major weapon in hypnotizing the masses and thus achieves their ultimate goals.

We can easily know with experience learned over the centuries; what can be achieved with command and mastery over oratory. People think that the Tantra of Vashikaran is another kind of mumbo jumbo, little realizing that their destinies have been shaped by this unique Tantra.

This site has over the past few years been publishing a lot of rare and unique material and the techniques of Vashikaran and Mohini Vidya. This is because I wish to acquaint everyone with the fact that everything; including love and peace can be achieved through this art of captivating the hearts and minds of the masses.

The Tantra of attraction, like with everything else is made up of opposites, pure and impure. One can use it for the good and welfare of everyone; including the self or only to meet the basic wants of the self.

Two unique examples of the use of this art are Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi; both the opposite sides of the same coin. Both had the ordinary backgrounds, ordinary looks and personality, yet they captivated the masses and achieved that which was thought to be impossible to achieve. These two were born with this art; which they cultivated and used to fulfill their dreams.

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  1. Dear Prophet 666, I've been researching ur blog for months now. I'm actually an esoteric researcher. I found out dat most blogs actually refer to ur blog for information on d paranormal. U seem to be dedicated in d art of such sciences. I decided to try the pain reliving mantra given to u by Guruji C.V.V Subramanyam. I've had serious back pain since 2008, but weeks ago it was sever. wen I tried it, with full faith it was gone. Frm were I lay down, I got up n went to buy groceries confidently. Neva had such pain since den. Thanks. I've also done research on d writer of the book of power by idres shah. Another powerful books at which wat he says evidently manifests. I can personally vouch for dat. Thanks for giving knowlege to we seekers of the truth. Great job

  2. general question on vashikaran

    Are the effects of it detectable for e.g. can a third person know that the aspirant has been using vashikaran on someone

    1. No, unless the aspirant makes it obvious by his actions.

    I have read a vashikaran mantra in the book Tantra Yantra Mantra and occult sciences by bhojraj dwivedi.The mantra is as follows-- Om shive bhagve bhage bhage bhagam kshobhaya kshobhaya mohaya mohaya chaadaya chaadaya kledaya kledaya kleem sharire hum fatt swaha.
    The procedure is to chant this mantra, with the photo of the person to be enchanted in front of you, 108 times.Is this an authentic mantra? please clarify my doubt.I will always be grateful to you.

    1. Yes it is an authentic Vashikaran Mantra

    2. Guruji pranam .....

      is mantra "om shive bhagve bhage bhage bhagam kshobhay........." ke end me OM fat svaha hai ya HUM fat svaha hai ?

      kindly clear my doubt and also teach me about the correct procedure to recite this mantra. And is there any Viniyog or Nyasa etc ?


    3. an early reply is requested. waiting

      thanks and kind regards

    4. It should be Hum Fatt Swaha, Viniyog and Nyasa procedure is not essential.

    5. Guruji pranam,

      many many thanks for your kind reply. some mr. anonymous has mentioned the book written by shri bhojraj dwivedi; i also have that book (first edition 2001) and the said mantra printed on page 83 goes like this: om shive bhagve bhage bhage bhagam kshobhay kshobhay mohay mohay chhaday chhaday kleday kleday kleem shareere OM fatt svaha ..; kindly help whether it is HUM fatt svaha or OM fatt svaha in the end of the mantra as hum and om both are beej mantras with different meanings. one thing more, the mantra is addressed to Shive .... shive means shakti or lord shiva ?

    6. As already mentioned it is Hum हम् as per my sources.
      The Mantra is not addresses to Shiva, but to a Mystical feminine Shakti, much like a Yakshini.
      There are still some Yakshinis or feminine mystical entities about whom not much is known.

  4. Replies
    1. Is there any procedure to attain siddhi in the mantra.Thanks a lot dear sir May god Bless you

    2. This appears to be a Siddh Mantra and the only thing mentioned is it has to be chanted 108 times, with the photo in front of you.

  5. Replies
    1. Have u use this mantra on any one , what was results

  6. sorry to disturb you but i have been practicing the mantra since last 2 weeks but no effect is seen.Please advise

  7. please answer my query sir I`d be indebted to u

    1. While you aspire for Siddhi remove all doubt from your mind; this is the main thing; how much confidence you have.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. in the book the last three words or samput is given as om fatt swaha but i think it should be `hum`instead of` om` since mantras are never ended with om.please clarify my doubt and tell me if it should be hum or om

    1. Some Mantra do end with Om; but in this case it should be - Hum Fatt Swaha and not Om Fatt Swaha

    2. Sir, can I make a person speak up the truth that he his from me by putting him under this spell?

      Please reply. Since, I have no wrong intention, you should certainly reply me. And also, is it possible to break the spell that I cast on a person?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. sir are u sure that this is an authentic mantra because i ve been trying it for a month but no effect is seen please help me please

    1. Though we publish a lot of mantras, in good faith, we cannot vouch or guarantee success.
      The same can be said for those published in the book you have mentioned.

  12. sir.. is this vashikaran mantras really work.. how long it will work... is it will work with any person in this world

  13. Replies
    1. Suresh ji, kya aapka mantra siddh hua. Aur aapne ye kaise kiya??


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