Resurrection possible in Future

For future possible effective resurrection, some of us may consider having ourselves (or at least our heads, especially our thinking brain's interconnected neurons), preserved likely carefully frozen after death. Possibly whole bodies can be frozen to become somewhat protected from most cell destroying rotting and dehydrating.

CDs etc. could be saved containing many private details, viewpoints, subjects of special interest, etc. Then, far enough in the future, advanced companies or very interested capable future folks with lots of free time (thanks to robotic help), may become able to gradually have robotically extensively analized, out of your hundreds of billions [100,000,000,000s] of preserved neurons and their interconnections, those involved in your conscious thinking self, to eventually simulate resurrecting your past conscious mind state maybe at least into a complex computer.

Some future folks might then be fascinated becoming able to associate with & share in thoughts and have discussions with you or other past dead folks. You should love becoming finally resurrected into somewhat full consciousness. Possibly this could be into an elaborate advanced robot as your new effective body, maybe nicely having better vision, touch, hearing, etc. than cellular humans had.

It could be most delightful for you to see and experience fascinating future advances for superior improved living then, perhaps at nice easy low weights in good orbiting space settlements. Wouldn't you and some others love being allowed such a new wonderful possibility?

Your best friend or mate might also much love having this tried, to once again enjoy good fond times with you, sharing many reawakened thoughts with you. And in this robotic new resurrected form, neither of you would tire much if any, nor age again any more. Thus live and enjoy lots more good fond times most happily together again!

Interestingly, such a resurrected you could be installed into future duplicate elaborate computer minds in very advanced future robots. So then possibly team together with such effectively identical twins to obtain results quicker from resumed most interesting studies? Also maybe have some fun even playing with your totally most agreeable duplicate self!

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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