Simple Homeopathic Remedy for Food Poisoning

The consumption of stale food, rotten fruits and impure and contaminated water are some of the more common causes of food poisoning.  The severity of the poisoning depends upon the quantity of bacteria and parasites present in the food substance, how rapidly they incubate and multiply. In a large number of cases food poisoning is life threatening.

Another more frightening cause of serious food poisoning is the rampant and widespread food adulteration racket in India and the use of such contaminated food substances in midday meals for poor children and needy people.

I give a simple Homeopathic Remedy here in this post; however, this remedy need only be practiced if there is no medical treatment available and is not a replacement for any kind of allopathic or prevalent  medical treatment.

The homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album 30c is extremely useful in removing the poison from the body. The recommended dosage should be 4 tablets every 15 minutes.

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