Muslim Naqsh to Free Prisoner

This is a Muslim Naqsh, which acts like a Charm to free someone from prison. This Naqsh is believed to be useful to those people whose loved one is in jail and all their efforts to free him or her have born no fruit and squarely failed.

This Naqsh is prepared in the same way as a Hindu Yantra by writing it on a Bhojpatra with Kesar [Saffron] paste using a pointed wooden stick as a pen.

Then after preparing the Naqsh, a Wild Pigeon has to be caught and the Naqsh has to be tied around the neck of the Wild Pigeon. The Naqsh can be tied with a string or even put inside a cloth Tabeez and then tied around the Pigeon’s neck.

The Pigeon has to be then set free. That concludes the Islamic Naqsh Experiment.

An Islamic Yantra and Charm to Free someone in Prison
Muslim Naqsh to Free Prisoner

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