Asteroids smaller than your head

Actually, ever more asteroids are of ever smaller sizes, even smaller than your head. Most asteroids are far too small to observe from distant telescopes, (and nonsense to land any even very small robotic reporting vessel on). They would thus remain forever cluttering up interplanetary space.

Ways were eventually considered, by a few, to possibly try gradually catching and collecting many of those at least bigger than your head? This could additionally clean up interplanetary space more than just consolidating the somewhat small asteroids big enough to lightly land a current robotic orbit modifying vessel on.

But this could cost centuries! Millions of them could be at most the size of a frosty dirt cluster, only a few possibly hard enough to be able to crack a window in a speeding vessel. Most should give only soft strikes while themselves maybe getting knocked into smaller fragments something like soft dirt chunks plus frosty dust.

It seemed the best that might be done, for the many asteroids smaller than someone's garage, but maybe big as your head, (thus when detected, too small to have been previously sent a robotic asteroid type & orbit reporting & monitoring set), would be to have a not big ion jet sent to softly catch or net each, then guide them to the easiest reached small asteroids collection place. The sent ion jet would have a big enough Solar light to electricity converting film, spread wide, to then have ionized some asteroid matter it had, or possibly took from the little asteroids, to softly propell it to a collection place.

This would then release its little asteroid lightly to fall into a collection. The ion jet could make this a lighter fall by shifting each to start orbiting the asteroids collection, then keep slowing the orbit to keep dropping lower, then slowing it to halt, to then lightly fall the rest of the way down. The ion jet will quickly leave, to go to some other found little asteroid.

The collection's monitoring robotic set would then redetermine its only slightly altered orbit, to be sent to Earth libraries keeping updated asteroids information.

Eventually an asteroid collection might grow big enough so that it would be convenient to turn it into a matter source, nicely having varied asteroid types, good for future robotic constructions.

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