Shiva Mahakaal Mantra Meditation

This is a three word mantra to please and seek the blessings of Shiva as the Mahakaal, the inevitable and indestructible time. The meaning of this mantra is “I Salute Shiva who is the Lord of Time Or the Shiva who is Mahakaal”.

There are two ways of chanting this mantra and meaning and significance of both the mantras is the same. The Shiv Bhakt, the one who wishes to surrender to Shiva, can chant anyone of the two given mantras.

A Shiva Mantra to Meditate upon Time
Shiva Mahakaal Mantra 

This is a meditation mantra and is said to gain potency when the 1 Million Chants mark is crossed. The practitioner is advised not to concentrate on the number of chants or any self-centered wish, motive or desire, but chant the mantra as a long-term meditation mantra through which he or she can merge their existence with that of Shiva. The mantra meditation is for the highly spiritually inclined individual, seeking the Indian way to gain Moksha or liberation.

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