Paranormal Remedy to cure Enlarged Liver

The liver is a vital body part and hence if enlarged it could be a doorway for many life threatening serious diseases to attack the body; including complete liver failure. In this post, I have explained how an Indian paranormal remedy claims to cure this condition.  The remedy does not cost anything, has absolutely no side effects and appears harmless; hence, in my opinion there is no harm in trying it out to cure an enlarged liver.

How to practice the remedy- A piece of iron, preferably an iron rod is put into a fire to make it red-hot. Then after the iron rod turns red hot, it is removed from the fire and dipped into a vessel containing Well Water. A glass or so of this water is then given to the person suffering from an enlarged liver to drink.

This remedy has to be practiced once a day and can be continued daily until positive results are observed.

Note- This remedy is not a replacement for any ongoing medical treatment and if anyone wishes to practice it, it should only be done along with the ongoing medical treatment.

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