Health Remedies using Marigold Flower

The Marigold flower, Genda Phul in Hindi, is the most used flower in all kinds of Hindu rituals, ceremonies and functions. This flower is offered to most Hindu Deities and is normally found in stalls selling flowers and Puja items near most temples and religious places in India. The entrances or main doors being decorated by Garlands made from the Marigold Flowers are a common sight during the Diwali, Dussehra, Navaratri and Ganpati festivals and also most Wedding Ceremonies, Inaugurations and other such auspicious ceremonies and functions

In this post, I will explain the medicinal properties of the Genda Flower and how a couple of common but widespread ailments are said to be cured using the parts of this flower.

If suffering from Ear-Pain – The petals of Marigold are crushed to remove the juice. This juice is filtered through a fine Muslin Cloth to remove all solid substances and impurities. Then the juice is inserted drop by drop into the ears.

If suffering from skin diseases like Scabies on the breasts or swelling on the breasts – The petals are crushed and applied over the area affected by the skin disease or swelling.

The Tantra says that the flowers used for practicing these remedies, should be those which have been offered to any Deity and the left overs after practicing the remedies have to be immersed in a water body.

Disclaimer – Consult your physician before use to known if these remedies suit your body or for any allergies to the flowers.

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