Shaitan Vashikaran Yantra

The Shaitan is a broad term for the all Tamsik or destructive beings in the Hindu religion. Unlike other religions, the Hindu religion does not believe in absolutes, but only in comparative degrees of
good or evil. The only absolute truth according to the Hindu religion is the Absolute or Supreme Being. This Supreme Being is incomparable and all encompassing and hence has no evil counterpart like the Devil, Shaitan or Satan.

All being whether Satvik, Rajsik or Tamsik live inside the Supreme Being and are subject to certain natural laws. Even the Demon King Ravana, the personification of Evil, gained salvation and merged in the all-encompassing Supreme Being, because the last thing he did, before being destroyed. Was taking the name of the Supreme Being and surrendering to the Supreme Being.

In this post, is giving a Tamsik experiment to put a Spell of Vashikaran on a Shaitan, meaning a most powerful Tamsik or a mystic destructive being. To practice this Yantra you need to know the name of this Shaitan, whom you wish to, put under a Spell of attraction and enchantment and get things done through him or her. Here, I cannot help you; you have to know the name of the Shaitan and how to contact him.

This Yantra has to be prepared during the period of the Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri] or the Rohini Nakshatra [Aldebaran}.

The Yantra can only be prepared by a woman by writing the Yantra as shown in the image with her own Menstrual Blood on her palm. A pointed wooden stick can be used as the writing instrument.

Then, if she comes across the Shaitan, she has to show her palm, which has the Yantra drawn on it to the Shaitan. This is said to put a Vashikaran Spell on the Shaitan and make his do anything for you.

An Indian Spell to attract the Shaitan
Shaitan Vashikaran Yantra

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