Padmavati Mantra for Success in Court Cases

The Mantra Sadhana given in this post is an experiment to get success in court cases, litigations, matters relating to the authorities or in any crucial business negotiations, like divorce proceedings.  This Mantra Prayog invokes Ganpati to grant success. A very special experiment is conducted to prepare a good luck charm, which acts like a Magical Spell and to make a Padmavati Mantra vibrant and fruitful.

The practitioner has to chant the Ganapati Atharvashirsha 21 times and each time he chants it, he has to offer a Durva [Cynodon dactylon] to the photo or idol of Ganpati.

The 21 Durvas have to be taken and along with the two ingredients given below wrapped in a red colored silk cloth, to prepare the good luck charm.
Two and a half leaves of the Apta tree, the leaves of this tree are symbolically distributed as gold on the day of the festival of Dussehra, this tree is commonly known as the Bidi leaf tree or the : Kathmuli in the Hindi language. A leaf of this tree has two halves, so to get half a leaf, one-half of the leaf has to be removed.
One flower of the White Madar tree, the botanical name of this tree is Calotropis gigantean.

The god luck charm has to be kept in the pocket and taken to the courtroom or the place where business negotiations are taking place.

Before leaving the home, the Padmavati Mantra give below has to be chanted 21 times. The Goddess Padmavati is a form of Laxmi and should not be confused with the Padmavati Yakshini, from the Jain scriptures.

After gaining success in the legal matter, the good luck charm has to be immersed in a water body.

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