Remedies for Restlessness after Meals

These are Hindu astrological remedies for those who feel fearful or restless after having meals or even after a little snack. The main cause for such a condition could be the possibility of having a weak, harmful or adversely positioned Mercury [Budh] in the horoscope or even the possibility of the native suffering from an adverse transit of Mercury. These remedies are specifically recommended for the conditions mentioned in this post.

Such a person can chant the Root Mantra of Mercury, given here in this post- Here , Wearing or keeping an energized Budh Yantra, can also give relief to these people.

If the condition is chronic or the intensity of the feelings and emotions of restlessness and fear are severe then the remedy given below can give relief and make the fear subside.

Remedy- A Chauhah Mukhi Rudraksha Bead should be taken and kept immersed in a glass of clean drinking water for about 10 minutes. Then the, Rudraksha Bead should be removed and the water should be given to the patient to drink. This remedy is believed to give immense relief from restlessness and fear after eating anything.

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