Astrology Remedies to Cure Piles

Piles, fistula and fissures being common, yet painful body conditions, this site has been publishing all kinds of remedies, including paranormal Indian remedies to cure and get relief from these ailments. In this post, I have included some Hindu astrological remedies, which are practiced to give comfort to those suffering from piles, including bleeding hemorrhoids.

A Guru Yantra and the regular chanting of a Guru Mantra are said to be effective in treating piles as astrology says that an adverse, harmful or malefic and weak Jupiter is responsible for this condition. Piles might even start manifesting during an adverse transit of Jupiter. The Guru Yantra should be written on a blank white piece of paper with Ashtagandha Paste, using a pointed wooden stick for drawing the Yantra. The Guru Yantra can be seen – Here.

Once the Yantra has been prepared, it should be stitched inside a cloth locket [Tabeez] and tied with a string around the Belly Button of the person suffering from piles, like a healing talisman.

Along this, chanting the Root Mantra of Jupiter, given in this post- Here, is also said to be effective in treating piles.

If you believe in the healing powers of Gem Stones, a Yellow Hakik Stone [Yellow Colored Agate] infused by the Guru Mantra and embedded in a Silver Ring, should also give relief to patients suffering from piles.

All these astrological remedies given above can be practiced collectively, if suffering from a severe condition of painful and bleeding piles, If you want more options you can also have a look at the Mantra Remedies for Piles, published on this site in the section on Health Mantras and also the Charms and Yantras published in the section on Healing Yantras.

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