Remedies for Adverse Shani in all 12 Houses

Most people who believe in astrology get the shivers when told about a harmful and adverse Shani [Saturn] in their horoscopes. Sadi Sati, the seven and half year movement of Saturn in a horoscope is probably the most feared of all astrological transits. In this post, are given Totke from the Lal Kitab for an unhelpful, dangerous and harmful Shani in each of the astrological houses of a horoscope.

The Totke selected by me from the Lal Kitab are the simplest ones, which can be easily performed even by laypersons having an inauspicious Shani in any of the 12 astrological houses of their horoscope.

First House- Bury Soorma [Indian Eyeliner] in a lonely and secluded place.
Second House- Apply a Tilak of Milk or Curds.
Third House- Hammer an iron nail or screw on the bottom plate of the main door of the house.
Fourth House- Feed Buffaloes, Crows, Fish and other such living organisms ruled over by Shani.
Fifth House- Worship and do Shani Upasana. Keep some gold or Kesar [Saffron] on your body.
Sixth House- Keep a Black or Cloudy colored dog as a pet.
Seventh House- Keep some honey in a brass utensil, close the utensil tightly, and keep it in your house.
Eighth House- Immerse eight Badam [almonds] in a flowing water body, such as a river or sea.
Ninth House- Keep a square shaped silver piece on your body.
Tenth House- Worship and do Upasana of Shri Ganesha.
Eleventh House- Worship and do Seva of Shani.
Twelfth House- Apply a little bit of black eating color and oil on a Chapatti or Roti and feed it to crows or black colored dogs.

Apart from the remedies for averting the ill effect of having, an adverse and malefic Saturn in any of the 12 astrological houses, readers must always remember to keep their conduct clean and aboveboard.  Shani is always known to punish people for their misdeeds and bring about their downfall during the transit of Sadi Sati. Likewise, it must also be remembered that it is only Shani who can turn a Pauper into a King overnight and vice versa.

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