Remedies to Negate ill Effects of Rahu

An adverse and badly positioned Rahu [North Node] is more dangerous and harmful than even Shani [Saturn].  An adverse transit of Rahu or an adverse Antardasha or Mahadasha can give bring with it severe problems for the native.  Sickness, disease, enemy problems, fights and quarrels are the most common ill effects of a malefic Rahu.

There are a some paranormal astrological remedies, which are prescribed to negate the ill effects of Rahu, which, I am listing below in this post. Some of these remedies also find a place in the Lal Kitab.

1] Keeping a Black Colored Dog as a pet or regularly feeding black colored dogs is the most common remedy prescribed for a malefic Rahu; this particular remedy also features prominently in the Lal Kitab. However, a White Colored or Multi Colored Dog can also be kept as a pet, but never a Red or Reddish Colored Dog.

2] Throwing eight Khote Sikkey] fake coins] in a river for 45 days at a stretch at a definite time of the day is one of the methods used to negate the ill effects of Rahu. This remedy is also believed to remove the ill effect of all the malefic planets in the horoscope and is believed to give positive results in matters related to business or progeny.

3] A quantity of Coal, which is equal in weight to the native, is thrown in flowing water. This remedy is useful if the native is experiencing repeated losses or needless delays in matters related to the government or authorities.

4] Giving employment or work to a sweeper is beneficial; however, money should not be given.

5] A Silver Square of equal dimensions is tied around the neck as a talisman or kept on the body.

6] Throwing a Coconut in water, which is flowing at great force, is considered beneficial to those suffering the ill effects of Rahu.

7] Donating Mustard Oil or Neelam [Blue Sapphire] is one of the prescribed remedies.

8] Tilak of Yellow Chandana or Kesar.

9] If looking for peace of mind, then Barley Grains soaked in Milk are thrown in flowing water or fed to birds. The Barley Grains must be kept soaked in Milk overnight.

10] Donating a Sadhu/Fakir a White Blanket and Til [Sesame Seeds] is said to be beneficial.

11] Consuming foodstuffs and eatables containing Kesar [Saffron] are believed to give good results.

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