Future Space Cable Lifts to move Settlers

More and more Earth humans grew ever more happy with having the high orbiting settlements nicely prosper well. More and more then applied to the investors group to also move up. It would be good to have more from Earth's big growing national populations of many billions [1,000,000,000s] permanently leaving Earth becoming slightly less crowded. So new subtasks assigned to settlers included evaluating ever more folks applying for approval to move up off Earth, now so cheaply raised by any geostationary height cable lift, in contrast to the quite costly (and air polluting) special old rocket rides.

Such new geostationary cable lifts, formed anchored to continents or to major islands, became able to lift ever more and more approved potential new settlers. The Fullball world was expanded again and again to cover such growing populations up here. And more new cable lifts anchored to islands were kept busy for many decades lifting lots more ocean water while Cyl Sea and Ring Sea got formed. Also approved future settlers could take ships to such islands, for lift vessels to cheaply deliver them out to the Fullball world.

Many on Earth were quite pleased with such major oceans life preserving schemes being truly developed to save lots of types of life from all around our oceans, while ever so slightly reducing ocean levels about a half finger length, compensating a bit for the gradually increasing global warming from slowly hotly expanding Sol, which had been melting mountain, glacial, and polar snow and ice to then accumulate within the ocean.

Conservative foes against such high orbiting settlements kept loosing any popular opposition against especially younger folks deciding to try making such settlements become their wonderful enjoyable new home worlds for far into the future. Also the hopes of some such foes to maybe somehow destroy the settlements had been fading, while more and more common folks continued coming to approve of letting the settlements' populations keep growing bigger and bigger, thus usefully helpful for overcrowded Earth. Many Earth folks envied the relaxed robotically well served easy living up there in very low cost robotically made and supplied homes, nicely having very easy settlements living, at mere fractional effective weights, while never suffering old Earth's bad stormy weather, nor hot nor cold seasonal temperatures every year.

And also, to visit friends and neighbors was much quicker and easier in any efficient 3D volume Fullball world than having to travel much farther to visit any friends spread far wider apart over Earth surface only lands. Air swimming up in the Fullball world to enjoy times with friends nearby was in contrast much easier. (No need up here for costly Earth cars quite useless up here.)

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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