Plant and Animal Life in Future Space Seas

Islands for Cyl Sea had been formed actually floating. About twice daily, the amount of floating was raised and lowered some to effectively simulate tides in Earth seas. (This was good for more successful beach life varieties.)

Island plant seeds, plus good very young fruit bushes and trees, had been sent up, plus what would start coral reefs. Later sent up were young fish and other animals. These included young birds, and what would mature into colorful butterflies and more.

Many settlers were happy to help on the islands, such as spreading the sprouting plants better, while eventually getting good coral reefs nicely started around them. Visitors would enjoy later times here, also at the new island beaches like for some swimming and some playful fun.

Island interiors had been conveniently formed with a big central enclosed dining and meeting room inside an island simulated high hill cave, also with several higher private bedrooms for visiting couples to enjoy some private times together. These protected from occasional slow rain (and from some possible intruding animals). But sometimes visitors didn't mind being out under occasional slow rain if not too cold. Then later being out at night let them even enjoy some luminescent insects cutely giving sparkles to some bushes.

Waves in Cyl Sea were generated by very wide partial floats repeatedly pulled up, then released splashing down, at many of the strong cables from the axis used to support the outer shell, (holding in the atmosphere and all the sea weight etc.).

Birds and sea life didn't mind such cables. Being very strong, they were easily coated in bright colors there, easier to see and avoid. They had been properly formed to remain very stably chemically inert in the sea water.

Many enjoyed eventually being able to come here for extended meetings, or special parties and social gatherings. This gave nicer variety than simpler meetings or parties just back in their cylinder settlement.

Between meetings or party sessions, or eating, many would enjoy often playful or relaxed times at the beach. They might wear swim masks to let them observe some sea life, such as over not deep coral reefs. As they had wanted, all this put them in touch with some interesting Earth sea life realities, (better than most folks on Earth who spent little time if any on sea islands).

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