Reason for Matru Runa and the Remedy

Matru Runa, translated into English means debts towards the mother. This Runa or Rin is one of the nine major Runas or debts, which have to be cleared in the traditional Hindu religion. In this post, I have given the astrological positions, the reasons, the indications and the remedies practiced  to remove this debt. The Moon is the planet, which represents the mother and hence it the planet responsible for this un-cleared debt.

Planetary Position- Ketu[South Node] in the fourth House of the Horoscope.

Reasons for this Yoga- Insulting, harassing and  mistreating the mother and removing her from the house in the previous life.

Indications- Drainage line running next to the house, dirt and filth near the place of worship, illness and disease, addicted to gambling and lack of faith, courage and conviction.

Remedy- A small quantity of Silver has to be collected from all the blood relations and immersed into flowing water in order to negate the ill effects of this Runa and clear the debt owed towards the mother.

Note- One may perform this simple Totka, if told by an astrologer that this Runa has to be cleared. There is no need to perform expensive and time-consuming remedies. The Totka is based upon the remedies mentioned in the Lal Kitab.

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