Remedies for Unhelpful Jupiter in all 12 Houses

Guru [Jupiter] is as per the astrological sciences believed to be the most important planet in deciding the standard of living of the native, it also symbolises the teacher. It stands for wealth, knowledge, employment, business and most materials thing in life and also has a great impact on the domestic prospects of the native.

An unlucky, adverse, malefic and harmful Guru can make life difficult for the native. The remedies given in this post are based upon the Totke given in the Lal Kitab to negate the ill effects of an adverse and inauspicious Jupiter in each of 12 the horoscope. I have selected only the simple, easy and cost effective Totke from among the numerous remedies given in the Lal Kitab.

First House- Donate two Sour Limes to a Mandir or any other holy place or shrine.
Second House- Donate Split Bengal Gram [Harabara] to a Mandir, religious place or a shrine.
Third House- Worship Durga Mata or read the Durga Saptashati.
Fourth House- Worship and do Upasana of Dattatreya.
Fifth House- Help clean a Mandir, by sweeping and wiping the floor. Avoid consuming alcohol and hard drinks.
Sixth House- Always worship and seek the blessings of Guru Dattatreya.
Seventh House- Worship and do Upasana of Shiva.
Eighth House- Paint an Iron Ball or Marble with red color and always keep it with you.
Ninth House- Always remember to take the blessings of elders and show respect and help them sincerely.
Tenth House- Worship Guru Dattatreya.
Eleventh House- Wear a Copper Kada [copper armband] around the wrist.
Twelfth House- Avoid doing or abetting any kind of unethical activity.

Apart from these Totke for an unhelpful Guru in each of the astrological houses, I have to mention that the worship of Guru Dattereya is most important in not only negating the ill effects, but also deriving the immense benefits of a helpful Guru.

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  1. namaste guruji,
    the houses mentioned in the post is the houses as per lal kitab chart or normal astrology chart? please let us know?

    1. Lagna Rashi or the Ascendant is the First House as per Traditional Hindu Astrology.

  2. Dear Neel Sir, According to Western system on Sun sign, people born between 13 April to May 14 are Aries, when Hindu system's 21 March to 20 April are Aries etc.
    So which one should we consider to be true?
    Thank you In advance :)


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