Remedies for Inauspicious Ketu for all 12 Houses

The specific Totke based on the Lal Kitab for an unlucky, harmful, adverse and inauspicious Ketu [South Node] positioned in each of the 12 Houses of a Horoscope are given in this post. These remedies are believed to negate the harmful side effect of a weak, unhelpful and badly placed Ketu and bring the Natives life back on track.

First House- Take an Iron Marble or Ball, color it with Red Paint and keep it in the house.
Second House- Apply a Kesar [Saffron] Tilak on the forehead.
Third House- Fix a Square Copper Sheet [about 3 by 3 inches] in the Center of the upper portion of the Main Door to the house.
Fourth House- Heat Gold and then dip it in Milk and then drink that Milk.
Fifth House- Donate a Yellow Colored piece of cloth [if possible to the Brahmin or Purohit of your locality].
Sixth House- Do not use a lock made from Iron or steel to lock your house.
Seventh House- Immerse four Sour Limes in a flowing water body, like a river or the sea.
Eighth House- Give sufficient food to a Dog.
Ninth House- Always respect elders, serve, and help them.
Tenth House- Pour some Milk near the foundation of the house and bury some Honey in that spot.
Eleventh House- Drink Kesar [Saffron] mixed Milk.
Twelfth House- Worship Shri Ganesha sincerely.

Personalised Ketu Remedies for individual Houses of the Horoscope can be seen - Here.

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