Nirgun Nirakar way to chant Mantras

In the Hindu religion, people mostly worship God in a personalized manner. This make it easy and simple for the common folks to connect, converse and pray to God, this kind of form of God is known as Sagun Sakar;meaning the one possessed of all qualities and virtues.  The other and not so common form of worshipping God is as the Nirgun Nirakar; meaning the one who is beyond sight and above all virtues and qualities.

The second form of worship is more common among those on the path of Advaita or Non-Dualism, those who see unity and oneness of everything in creation.

The question always arises how the followers of the Nirgun Sakar form of God can worship a deity. This is not as difficult as it appears most of the Devotional Hindu Mantras and many Vedic Mantras begin with Om. Om has been attributed numerous meanings, and the formless form of God or the Nirgun Nirakar, is one of them.

For example, those Nirgun Nirakar worshipers, who wish to chant the Gayatri Mantra, can meditate upon the Om as the Nirgun Nirakar form of God.

However, this is difficult to apply to the Shabar Mantras, where the worshipper seeks to invoke a specific and unique form of God. To be successful in practicing Shabar Mantras, the worshipper has to fully connect to the specific form he or she is seeking to invoke by way of the Mantra.

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  1. Sir Neel do i really need meditation mat to chant mantras or can i just sit in a comfortable place? and another question do i really need to wear white clothes to chant mantras or can i just wear clean clothes ? that is all thank you for sharing your knowledge

  2. Sir Neel when chanting mantra using japa mala do i really need to wrap it by gomukhi so that the power of the mantra wont be transferred to the one who looks at it or can i just wrap it using white cloth? ThankYou sir for sharing your knowledge im from phillippines i dont know anything pls tell me i want Guidance

    1. Even though ingredients like sitting mat, color of clothes and wrapping a mala by gomukhi etc. are time and again mentioned in Mantra Sadhanas, in my opinion there is no need for such symbols or items for a advanced Sadhak, if the practitioner is spiritually advanced all he can do is to concentrate upon the Mantra and forget about the rest.

    2. Such being the case, Sir, Why is a portrait necessary in some Yakshini Sadhana like RatiPriya? What's the true reason behind installing a portrait of the Devi?


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