Simple Hindu Black Magic Removal Mantra

This is an uncomplicated Mantra in simple Devanagari to remove Black Magic, Ghosts and other malefic energies like Buri-Nazar or the Evil Eye. The Mantra in simple Hindi, invoke the Divine Mother Goddess for help.

This mantra is suitable for the common person having difficulty in pronouncing and chanting lengthy Sanskrit or Magical Shabar Mantras, written in the languages, which are not spoken in today’s times.

The Mastery procedure is also uncomplicated. The Siddhi is gain be chanting the Exorcism Mantra 1008 times on any auspicious Hindu Date. Any type of Counting Mala can be used.

Simple and Easy Hindu Spell to remove Black Magic
Simple Black Magic Removal Mantra
Then for actual use to exorcise a person affected by Jadu- Tona or Bhoot-Pret, the practitioner has to do a “Jhadna” of the possessed person with a small bundle of Kusha Grass, Desmostachya bipinnata in English, tied like a broom. Jhadna mean sweeping and this is exactly what the practitioner has to do, he has to chant the Mantra and make a sweeping action over the full length of the body of the affected person. The Jhadna has to be done 108 times in all.

This is all that has to be done.

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  1. I don't understand what means the # 21 in the mantra. Am I to repeat the mantra 21x or am I to speak #21 in the recital of mantra.please someone explain.

  2. The letter 21 is a part of the Mantra, the Mantra Chanting procedure has been described in the article.

  3. I also don't understand the 21 in this mantra .
    Do I have to say
    " ikkees Mata ka bool..."


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