Future Space Islands Like Darwin Saw

More life forms were brought up to Cyl Sea and Ring Sea for their islands and surrounding sea and beaches. Included were several like some Charles Darwin had long ago observed during a 4.8 year extended voyage around S. America and our world (1831 12/27 - 1836 10/02, the 2nd survey expedition voyage of the HMS Beagle sailing ship). Those brought up for the new made orbiting Cyl Sea and Ring Sea plus their islands included some kinds of island finches.

Like Charles Darwin had found, some finches had different kinds of beaks specialized better for depending upon at least one local kind of island flowers, fruits, &/or seeds.

For that 1832 survey expedition, a good interested educated geologist &/or naturalist had been wanted. Charles Darwin (born 1809 2/12) had been approved for this as a well educated qualified BA degree newly graduated naturalist, returning from a geology field trip. Darwin was hoping to nicely see the tropics before he might become a parson [a clergyman or minister in charge of a church parish].

Darwin's notes on geology would become almost four times larger than his zoology notes. This included finding interesting good evidence of gradual land rises or falls, relative to sea level. His notes, journals and collections, often enjoyably made on land, including some animal specimen or fossil samples, could sometimes be mailed by other ships back to England, while Darwin stayed working for the Beagle sailing ship. (His on-land expeditions could even include galloping a few hundred kilometers!)

That HMS Beagle's 2nd surveying voyage had originally been proposed to last about 2 years, not 5. It accomplished detailed hydrographic surveys especially around the coasts of the southern part of South America, as a continuation with corrections for the work of previous surveys, (to produce improved nautical charts having navigational and sea depth information, good for the navy and for commerce). By the end of this expedition, Darwin had been earning recognition as a good geologist and biological specimens and fossils collector. Publication of his journal (The Voyage of the Beagle) then earned him respect as a good careful thinking writer.

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