Remedies for Inauspicious Rahu in all 12 Houses

In the previous post, we saw some important remedies from the Lal Kitab to negate the ill and adverse effects of a malefic and adversely place Rahu in the horoscope. That post can be seen - Here. In this post, are given specific remedies from the Lal Kitab to negate the ill effects of an inauspicious and harmful Rahu for each of the 12 Houses of a Horoscope.

The Lal Kitab prescribes multiple such remedies or Totke for each individual House. However, I have selected only one or at the most a couple of these Totke, to make it less confusing to the reader and easier to practice.

First House- Wear a Silver Chain around the neck.
Second House- Keep a Silver Ball or Marble on the body. This Ball or Marble should be fully filled and not hollow.
Third House- Keep Whole Unbroken Rice Grains in a Silver Box on the body.
Fourth House – Immerse Four Kilogram or Four Hundred Kilogram Barley Grains in flowing water.
Fifth House – Avoid extra-marital relations with other women. Keep a thick [not hollow] Silver Elephant on the body.
Sixth House- Keep a thick Lead Ball or Marble on the body as a talisman.
Seventh House- Worship of Saraswati Mata is beneficial.
Eighth House- Keep Badi Saunf [Fennel or Aniseed Seeds] below the pillow, while sleeping at night.
Ninth House- Avoid Blue or Black Colored Clothes as far as possible. Put a Tilak of Kesar [Saffron] on the forehead.
Tenth House- Use a White Colored Cap/Helmet/Turban. Avoid Blue and Black Colored ones.
Eleventh House- Drink water using a Silver Glass.
Twelfth House- Keep Moong Grains [Green or Golden Gram] below the pillow, while going to bed at night.

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