Sunday, September 21, 2014

Remedies for Inauspicious Rahu in all 12 Houses

In the previous post, we saw some important remedies from the Lal Kitab to negate the ill and adverse effects of a malefic and adversely place Rahu in the horoscope. That post can be seen - Here. In this post, are given specific remedies from the Lal Kitab to negate the ill effects of an inauspicious and harmful Rahu for each of the 12 Houses of a Horoscope.

The Lal Kitab prescribes multiple such remedies or Totke for each individual House. However, I have selected only one or at the most a couple of these Totke, to make it less confusing to the reader and easier to practice.

First House- Wear a Silver Chain around the neck.
Second House- Keep a Silver Ball or Marble on the body. This Ball or Marble should be fully filled and not hollow.
Third House- Keep Whole Unbroken Rice Grains in a Silver Box on the body.
Fourth House – Immerse Four Kilogram or Four Hundred Kilogram Barley Grains in flowing water.
Fifth House – Avoid extra-marital relations with other women. Keep a thick [not hollow] Silver Elephant on the body.
Sixth House- Keep a thick Lead Ball or Marble on the body as a talisman.
Seventh House- Worship of Saraswati Mata is beneficial.
Eighth House- Keep Badi Saunf [Fennel or Aniseed Seeds] below the pillow, while sleeping at night.
Ninth House- Avoid Blue or Black Colored Clothes as far as possible. Put a Tilak of Kesar [Saffron] on the forehead.
Tenth House- Use a White Colored Cap/Helmet/Turban. Avoid Blue and Black Colored ones.
Eleventh House- Drink water using a Silver Glass.
Twelfth House- Keep Moong Grains [Green or Golden Gram] below the pillow, while going to bed at night.

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