Future Evolutions in Space Ring Seas

Some high orbiting cylinder settlers who had found biology studies quite interesting became quite happy to now be able to see some almost Earth like natural biology settings here live in Cyl Sea. No longer would they often be as restricted out here to just reading what past biologists had compiled. Islands were gradually provided with increasing nice varieties of plant and animal life forms gathered from Earth ocean tropical or subtropical islands.

Ring Sea for the Fullball world became a second created artificial sea, much bigger than Cyl Sea. It was formed as a huge ring of radius 180-200km, 20km wide, of cross section like a very wide bottom (& top) U. At ring center was the comparatively tiny Fullball world. Once completed, ring rotation let Ring Sea hold a sea 1km deep at the middle, of 199km radius, with 19km high atmosphere cooled by usefully harvesting its local temperature (random sonic speed molecular motions) heat energy into wanted electricity, thus also cooling it and becoming useful for some rain clouds to form, good for island life, while also helping circulate all the air.

Ring Sea's surface at 199km radius meant that for 1/2 Earth sea level weights, it should be spun at 987.5 m/s, turning once in 1266s=21.1min. 1/2 of weights on Earth could allow fixing outside Ring Sea's heat insulating outer shell a helpful thin film which could convert Sol's light into some of the electricity needed inside, including for lighting and growing plants.

But such an outer insulating shell's attached films would only convert 1/3 of external Solar light energy on them into wanted electricity, too little for all the lighting wanted inside for properly fully growing daylit plants. Wanted was to instead somehow collect converted electricity from a few times larger film area, outside in space, such as was being achieved outside Cyl Sea by using its external rectangle frame supported big enough film, kept very slowly rotated just once a year to properly stay always facing Sol.

Settlers working together to design much good for the big Ring Sea decided they could achieve a big enough Solar light converting film by first forming a supporting tower for a huge slow spinning disk film, which would forever ride around Ring Sea on a pair of stable levitation tracks stably attached to the Ring Sea's outer heat insulating shell. This would ride outside Ring Sea's exterior opposite to Ring Sea's 21.1min spin (which inside produces half Earth sea level weights). This would thus avoid Ring Sea's internal spin simulated weights. The tower could then hold out, always facing Sol, a slow spinning very big Solar light to electricity converting disk film, with its Sol facing direction very slowly turned just once a year, around the twin levitation tracks outside Ring Sea, thus keeping the film disk always nicely usably facing Sol.

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