Skull Yantra [Talisman] to Destroy a Ghost

This is a Yantra which is believed to rid a possessed person of a ghost or a ghostly or mystic being, this ghost ridding experiment is said to successful even if a ghost has been specifically invoked to pursue a person by way of any witchcraft ritual. The exorcism procedure is uncomplicated and is explained in this post.

This Talisman has to be written with any kind of ink or writing instrument on a Human Skull.  The name of the person pursued or possessed by the ghost has to be written below the Yantra.

An Indian witchcraft spell to destroy a ghost
Yantra [ Talisman ] to Destroy a Ghost 
Then the Yantra has to be shown to the ghost-possessed person and after that, it has to be put in a fire and burnt to ash. The ashes should be collected and immersed in any flowing water body like a sea or a river.

This concludes the experiment. There is no Puja or Worship of any kind involved and the experiment can be put to use any time.

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