Lucky Yantra [Charm] for Partnership Firm

It is often observed that two or more persons might be the greatest of friends, but when they enter into a business partnership, things go wrong and the friendship turns sour and might even turn to enmity. This post gives a Lucky Charm, which is a Hindu Yantra for making sure that there are no differences amongst business partners or even if differences arise, they are sorted out amicably. Given below is the Tanta for using and preparing this Yantra.

The Yantra as shown in the image given here should be written in the middle of the partnership agreement or written down on a white piece of paper and stuck in the middle of the partnership agreement. The names of the partners should be written as shown in the image, if there are more than three partners, the names can be written down one after the other.

A Hindu Lucky Charm for a Partnership Firm
Lucky Yantra [Charm] for Partnership Firm
 A pinch of Turmeric should be mixed in a little bit of water and then sprinkled on the partnership agreement.

As much as possible entering into any kind of partnership agreement should be avoided on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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