Enemy Maran Yantra Tantra

This is an enemy killing Yantra [Talisman] from the Indian Black Magic Arts. This Talisman is used for destroying the enemy by hardened practitioners of the Indian Black Magic Tantra and Witchcraft. The experiment given in this post is not for the ordinary person and only for the advanced Aghori Tantric, the one who is devoid of feelings and emotions.

The enemy destruction Talisman has to be written on a white cloth, which has been used to cover a dead body during the Antyesti [Hindu Funeral Rites], this cloth, is also sometimes referred to as the Kafan.

The Yantra as shown in the diagram has to be written with a mixture of Human Blood, a Coal from the Funeral Pyre and any kind of Poison.  The instrument for writing this Yantra on the Kafan has to be a Crow Feather.

Yantra Spell to destroy a Enemy completely
Enemy Maran Yantra 
The Yogi has to collect some mud from under the feet of his enemy; this means the mud from the spot where the footprints of the enemy are visible. This can be the place where the enemy has stood or walked.

Then the practitioner has to prepare a doll having the likeliness of a man by mixing the collected mud with Sarson/ Rai [Black Mustard Seeds in English].

After completing the above steps, he has to fold and insert the prepared Yantra in the Heart of the mud doll of his enemy.  The words  हुं फट देवदत्त हुं फट, which appear three times in the Yantra have to be replaced by the name of the enemy.  Then the practitioner has to heat the mud doll over a fire every day,

The Maran Tantra states that the enemy will meet his end within  a period of seven days. After this, the mud doll is immersed in the flowing water of a river or sea.

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    1. Chant Sri Ram Raksha Stotram daily.
      You will be free of this problem as well as other problems.

      Sreerastu! Subhamastu! Avighnamastu!

  2. kisi ko sach me tantra mantra aata ho aur mujhe sikhane taiyar ho to mujhe watsapp kare 88 56 09 36 73

  3. Hi we require one day maran kriya to kill enemy in one day

  4. Should I write the name of the enemy in place of Devdutta ???


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