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Laxmi Kavach Yantra - Mantra for Capricorn

The Laxmi Kavach Yantra and its special mantra are given here in this post for Capricorn [Makar Rashi] the 10th sign of the Zodiac. The people born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn will more often than not invest on permanent possessions like property after scrutinizing all possible documents and after they are sure about the security of their investments.

Capricorns are by nature slow and steady as far as money accumulation is concerned.  As they do not possess speculative and risk taking traits, windfalls do not come their way easily. They do not waste money. If serving or working for others they are economical, well informed and trust worthy employees.

Capricorns will always make provisions for the rainy day and for the future. These people are well suited to serve in the Finance Departments as they avoid wasteful and unnecessary expenses.  In spite of their cautious nature they have a secret desire to gain name fame and fortune and will always strive in that direction until they finally become successful.

The Luck Pendant Laxmi Kavach Yantra and Mantra for Capricorn
Laxmi Kavach Yantra - Mantra for Capricorn
Note – The process of Yantra Making and Mantra Chanting are given is this post – Here.

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