Simple Home Remedies With Salt

Whoever first coined the phrase that salt is the king of spices was spot on; we are so used to salt, that we take it for granted; life without salt is not only tasteless, but also unimaginable. Apart from its traditional use in food, salt is used in some really simple home remedies to get relief from certain common ailments. In this post, I have given some of the simpler home remedies with salt.

A common home remedy to remove acidity is to mix about a quarter teaspoon of salt in about 125 grams of lukewarm water and drink this water. It induces vomiting and removes the acidity through vomit. After vomiting a sizable quantity of ghee mixed rice is consumed to substantially reduce the acidity levels present in the stomach.

A little bit of salt and an equal quantity fresh-grounded, black pepper powder mixed together and consumed, give relief to those suffering from vomiting.

A pinch of salt and equal quantity of ajwain [carom seeds] are mixed and consumed to get relief from stomach pain.

A simple home remedy to remove poison from the stomach, through vomit is to add a little bit of salt to boiling water and let it cool a bit so that it becomes drinkable and make the person suffering from stomach poisoning drink this water.

A simple home remedy to clean the intestines is to drink lukewarm water mixed with a pinch of salt at bedtime. This remedy also gives relief to those suffering from constipation and improper stools.

A small lump of rock salt kept in the mouth gives relief to those suffering from uncontrollable dry coughing bouts, especially at night.

A simple home remedy to get relief from tonsils and the swelling of the throat, resulting from cough related ailments, including dry cough is to gargle with salt mixed lukewarm water.

Gargling with salt mixed water gives relief to those suffering from painful gums.

Salt, ginger juice and lime juice are mixed together and consumed in the morning and evening to get relief from indigestion and gas related problems. This home remedy also improves digestion.

Salt is used to get relief from the sting of honeybees, by rubbing it over the affected body parts.

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