Future Truck Travel in Outer Space

There are of course lots more cars than trucks. But many trucks could also be redesigned to have their big outer surfaces made as special Solar light using converter surfaces, to gain electricity for batteries, to then operate and run from, replacing gas tanks and engines. Trucks of course had much greater surface areas than any car, which thus could be well exploited.

This could allow longer truck trips (during daylit working hours) than many cars used, exploiting well their much bigger outer Solar light converting surfaces, (if not during any badly too cloudy day), to drive to pick up or deliver big loads maybe big distances, while nicely not consuming any fuel and thus not consuming oxygen we require to breath, nor polluting the air we breath with any exhaust gasses (actually deadly to us). (Or during dark or too cloudy times, they could if needed pay to recharge any exhausted batteries as much as might be needed, from electricity commercially produced.)

Something like this for cars and trucks could also be done for trains. Solar light to electricity converting panels could be stuck over the tops and maybe sides of many of their load carrying train cargo cars which the front driven engine pulls. They would cumulatively provide lots of electricity to the engine at a train front, (perhaps even as a levitation track train?). Such trains could easily afford to include at least one special batteries-loaded car to store enough electricity to continue going places at night.

And something like this special surface layer scheme, to gain energy from Solar light, could be even helpful for airplanes. Their wings added lots more surface area, receiving lots of usable otherwise completely wasted Solar light. This could be made helpful to reduce past ordinary fuel use. And they wouldn't need to charge-up batteries while parked idle. Such vehicle outer surface-cover changes would extremely slightly reduce global daily overheating from our hotly badly expanding Sol, which was to eventually leave Earth unsurvivably hotter than Hell.

In fact, an earlier small trial airplane had been made (by a few past Earth designers), which could collect from wings enough electricity from Solar light to fly, though at a speed which sometimes wind could exceed. (That could then cutely make it appear as if this special airplane was somehow simply floating up in the sky, maybe even appearing to somewhat float sideways or even backwards!)

Settlers, working with some Earth inventors, imaginatively came up with more and more useful or even cute inventions, such as even a tough good durable very white light reflecting surface coating which could be coated over our driveways and some parking places. This would extremely slightly helpfully reduce some excessive daily overheating of Earth by Sol. Parking cars wouldn't significantly wear thin such special tough coating layers.

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