Future Equinox Geostat Shadowing

Electricity, to cable lift load vessels up through our atmosphere, could initially come from maybe wind turbines stuck out from the cable lift's tall anchoring tower, or maybe from power generators, such as from dammed water. When high enough above any clouds or dust, lasers could sharply aim strong beams up to what would convert it back to electricity, to get conducted nearby "up" or "down" the lift cables. (At 25, 32 or 75km altitudes, our atmosphere thins to 1/40, .856% or .0024% of at Earth surface.)

Low orbit satellites and space shuttles orbit at 420km or above. Frigid cold interstellar space temperatures would allow superconducting power lines to carry electricity with no resistance losses. (Some conductors can stay superconducting up to a few times cold space temperatures.) Near geostationary height, more electricity would be produced from Solar light on big disk films kept weightless facing Sol all year.

Near our annual Spring & Fall equinox, for energy from Solar light, there would be a daily problem about at each midnight from a geostationary cable lift then passing around through Earth's shadow for up to 1.16hr. Such shadowing could be reduced a bit by having had the Solar energy collecting slow spinning disk films instead out at the ends of a long horizontal beam easily supported significantly above geostat height. (This would in fact very slightly help by also serving then as an outward swinging light extra counterweight. Also this would keep them totally outside obstructing anything at geostationary height.)

Most of the year, Solar energy collection up here would not need to be helped by any stored energy nor from any extra energy possibly sent up from Earth. Or at worst, this would want stored energy for up to 7/6 hours of a day, but decreasing to 0 lost hours over 22 days before & after such equinox days til no shadowing by Earth. Best within such 45 days, one could simply send anything up just after, or hours before such shadowed daily <=7/6 midnight hours.

Up at geostationary height 35,790km (=5.62 * Earth radius 6371km), orbit centrifugal force just cancels Earth gravity. You'd thus feel weightless up there. And there was little need for any lifting energy higher out. In fact, centrifugal force of loads sliding higher out could be converted into electricity for the superconducting power lines (the energy now nicely taken from Earth's daily rotation of the outer cable). And telescopes could always view most of our galaxy and the universe with not much blockage by Earth.

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