How to make Space Cables in Future

The geostationary space cable lift can have 4 parallel cable lines held out at the ends of frequent horizontal Hs. It would be good to have multiple parallel cables to guard against any possible future bad strike from rare big enough space debris not deflected away, which might damage a cable. If ever that happened, then the other 3 cables, 2 normally for opposite direction travel from the damaged one, would allow sending there all needed to repair the damaged one, (after anything possibly using those other 2 had passed up or down out of the way).

Big wide box multilevel load vessels (no requirement for fancy streamlined special aircraft) would be sped up between 2 of the 4 cables, or sped back down between the other 2 to return to Earth, usefully then returning energy regenerated while getting slowed down over the special strong electromagnetic forces generating/using tracks attached to those two cables.

The cables don't move. Each pair could have one or more loads at the same time. Each load's top, also its bottom, would have what reaches out fixed to the top and bottom of extra tall special very strongly magnetic units which get sped frictionless up/down by the very strong electromagnetic forces generating/using tracks attached to both cables. Each load can be about as wide as the published standard good wide distance always maintained across between a cable pair.

Where loads (kept properly balanced in the middle) reach to the cables, their special frictionless very tall strong magnetic units would feel very strong moving electromagnetic forces generated properly ac/decelerated and speeding up/down the unmoving special tracks attached to the 2 cables. Each very tall magnetic unit had a cross section like a "c", mostly enclosing the very strong electromagnetic forces generating/using tracks attached to the cables.

At a wanted height, a load can be very lightly released out so it can soon use an ion jet or small rocket to propell into some wanted orbit. Later, if formed streamlined with wings, it could skim into the atmosphere, then glide to land at an airport. Or it could keep just enough propellant or fuel to return to the cable to then more safely easily descend (while returning lifted energy).

If someone wanted a single cable pulling something up from its center top, no problem. Just have a long strong cross piece reach out from the center top to hold tops of the special very strong tall magnetic units which will gain controlled speeding up/down the special electromagnetic generating tracks fixed to the pair of cables. Another long strong cross piece would then reach out from under the bottom, holding the bottoms of the tall magnetic units.

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