Is India headed for a Bloody Civil War?

Is India headed for a bloody civil war?
Who will be the opposing parties?
What will cause this civil war?
Which side will win?

These questions would have most probably been considered unrealistic; just a few years back, but not now, they appear extremely realistic.  It appears to be a question of not if, but when.  This site has already published a lot of Hindu, Bible and Nostradamus prophecies, describing the fate of the Indian Nation, and civil war and revolution is very much on the cards.

Yes, India is surely and steadily heading for a bloody civil war. The two opposing parties are obviously the Hindus and Muslims, no surprises here.

The cause, the secular bombardment, which has been going on for the past two decades or so, has now turned into carpet-bombing.  Everything has turned into secular versus non-secular, all for end purpose of getting those 13.4% of Muslim Votes.  Lately, the secularists have started resembling crazed individuals, with blood in their eyes, hell bent upon dividing Indian society.

The secularists have triggered off some sort of phobia and a feeling of seize mentality  amongst a large section of the Hindu Population, that Islam is all set to overwhelm all of India. This naturally leads to wide spread exaggeration about the actual size and yearly growth of the Muslim Population, which can in no way threaten the Hindus anytime in the near and not so near future.

The civil war will be more like a mass genocide, than an actual civil war. There will be widespread chaos all around, with the government machinery totally collapsing. The secularists, the ones who caused this genocide, will disappear into thin air.

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