Vashikaran Mantra for Faraway Person

This is an Akarshan Spell to attract and bring under a Vashikaran Spell a person who is living in a far off place.  This Vaskikaran Mantra is again a variation of a very popular Vashikaran Mantra, and more than one attraction experiments can be performed using this mantra.

The practitioner has to mix Gorochana in the juice of the leaves Black Dhatura Plant [the black or dark variety of the thorn Apple].
Then he has to write down this mantra on a Bhojpatra with the juice, using a pointed stick of the White variety of the Kanheri Tree. The word Amukasya अमुकस्य has to be replaced with the name of the person who is desired to be put under an enchantment spell.
Then the practitioner has to chant the mantra 108 times.
After this, he has to heat the Bhojpatra on which the mantra has been written over a slow fire.

Vashikaran Mantra for Faraway Person

The Akarshan Tantra says, no matter how far off the desired person may be, he or she will come under a spell and be attracted towards the practitioner.

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  1. after burning what to do with the ash

  2. Sir, I want to know something. What is to be done with the bhojpatra after heating it? Is it ok to do this vashikaran mantra on someone as a revenge means or will it back fire ?

  3. What ever is the leftover from any Mantra Sadhana can be immersed in water.
    The purpose you use the Vashikaran Mantra for is up to you.

  4. Sir, should it be burnt down into ashes or only heated?

  5. Namaste Guruji, after looking for the datura plant for a very long period I have found one. Please let me know whether
    White kanheri tree is also known as white kaner tree. And while applying the mixture of datura plant with camphor, should we take the name of the desired person or this is for general attraction for women. I had looked for almost all the nursery in Bangalore including lalbagh but couldn't find but continuously searched in all place wherever I travelled and got this.

    1. White Kanheri and Kaner are the same variety,
      The name of the person desired has to written in place of amukasya, the rest of the procedure is mentioned in the post.

  6. pranam neel ji. with due respect I need to know somthing. 1)for how many days this sadhna need to perform 2)does this mantra, another mantra and the vashikaran yantra can performed simultanusly?

  7. I don't . understad if my question posted or not. 1) can this mantra and strange vashikaran yantra be performed simultanusly 2) for how many days this mantra sadhna need to perform?

    1. It is better to perform one Sadhana at a time.
      This is a one time mantra Sadhana and has to be practiced only once.

  8. Hello, sir. Will u pls tell me. Can we chant this mantra only without doing any procedure mention here. Sorry to ask but the ingredients are hard to find that's why asking u.

  9. Is there any side effects? on the user or on the person it is used on?

  10. Respected Guruji, Please tell me
    1. May I use paper or something else to write on the Mantra,because in my place bhojpatra is not available.
    2. May I write Mantra in English as it is in the post, because I don't know Hindi. Please guide me Guruji. Thanking you.


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