Navagraha Yantra - 2

The Navagraha Yantra contained in this post is one for those persons who are undergoing an extremely bad and unfruitful phase in life because of adverse and malefic planetary positions or transits. This astrological Yantra is a variation of another one given earlier. The Yantra making procedure and the specified days are the same as given in the earlier post.

This one as you can see vibrates to the number 9, written 16 times in 16 boxes. The only difference in this and the previous experiment is that this Navagraha Yantra has to be infused 96,000 times with the Navagraha Stortam. This can be done in a specified number of days as per the practitioner’s convenience.  This certainly is a very time consuming task and requires a lot of hard work and patience. However, that what the Tantra says, so there is nothing one can argue about.

Simple Navagraha Yantra for Adverse Planets
Navagraha Yantra - 2
To infuse and energize the Yantra, the practitioner has to sit in front of it and chant the Navagraha Stortam.  It is given –Here

After the 96,000 chants are completed, then it can be kept on the body as mentioned in the previous post. You can find it -Here

The only restriction applicable is taking a gap during the monthly cycle, if a woman is performing this experiment.

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